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Villa Forada | Between San Antonio and San Geertrudis

Villa San Antonio | Eivissa | Spain

In the west of the island of Ibiza, San Antonio, is this newly built very luxurious detached villa with cellar, garage, swimming pool and separate guest house.

Clarity and simplicity are the main principles of the house. To this end, open spaces have been created, located on the southeast, taking full advantage of natural light, where the outside air flows in and in which one can move freely. The famous saying: "less is more" applies here.

The harmony of decorative concepts has been a very important driving factor for the architect. This avoids too great a variety of separate elements. To this end, coherence has been ensured in the materials used and their colours. The floors, the types of wood, the metal elements, the colors used in the house, each time an attempt has been made to relate the color scheme to each other. In this way everything comes together and the whole fits in as harmoniously as possible with the aesthetics of Ibiza. The basis of this harmony is the use of the color white for the wall coverings, the aesthetic limestone finish of the floors and walls, the light color of the wood, the matt dark gray color for all metal elements and the greenery of the gardens, making the object one with the wooded environment of the area in which it is located.

The design is based on the following principles: an architectural style that is not subject to fashion, is predominantly functional and the use of materials and elements typical of the island of Ibiza, such as natural stone walls, various fruit trees, lawns or surfaces covered with vinyl, inspired by the bottom of the Mediterranean.
The house has its own well with a large water supply, as the area in which the house is located is one of the most water-rich parts of the island.

When choosing the technical installation, the primary aim was to achieve the most efficient operation of the systems and to save on energy consumption. The system is completely based on Aero thermal energy. One of the technical features is a ventilation system that constantly refreshes the air, so that the indoor air of the house is clean.

In short, a whole that gives shape to a concept that is unlike anything that has been built before and has never been seen before, neither inside nor outside Ibiza.

Villa Forada
The villa is built with a total paved surface of 1537 m2, of which 687 m2 is built and covered, with an 80 m2 infinity pool. All this on a plot of 28,680 m2, well connected by road to the city of Ibiza and to the main towns of the island.

The beautiful pivot door (size 2700x2650 mm) finished with high-quality material gives access to the living room, dining room and kitchen. The kitchen, with plenty of natural light, is equipped with Bosch brand kitchen appliances and is connected to the garden through a large sliding window that gives access to a terrace under a concrete pergola. The intention is that the kitchen also serves as a relaxation and meeting space for the family and friends staying in the house. The large windows in the living room are slid into the wall via a special sliding system. On the ground floor there are two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom with bath, double sink and toilet.
Bedroom with bathroom and walk-in closet accessible via the open staircase.
In the basement there is parking for several cars. Next to the house is also a garage with space for two cars.

The guest house has 2 bedrooms. Both equipped with a bathroom with walk-in shower, sink and toilet.

The entire complex consists of 1000 m2 of stone walls, divided into partitions and terraces for delimiting the site. The site is closed by an electronically open gate and entrance door.
The project has an infinity pool with 80 m2 of water surface, with an overflow system and equipment to heat the water, so that it is pleasant to use in the seasons when the cold predominates. The system for the production of chlorine works with electrolysis. On the side of the pool is a tiled solarium with an area of 60 m2 to enjoy the pool.

The garden consists of two lawns of 600 m2, one in front of the living room and one in front of the pool. 400 Cypress trees have been planted on the outer fence. An orchard has also been planted with 40 fruit trees of the following species: oranges, lemons, plums, apricots, pomegranates, medlars and persimmons.

Domotica: The “smart home” system of the house is from the Jung brand. This system controls the indoor and outdoor lighting (garden, swimming pool, recessed spotlights in the stone walls), the air conditioning (both the cooling system and the underfloor heating), the air purification system, the level indicators of the water tanks and the indicator of the amount of water taken from the well, the automatic control of the curtains, the audio system. The alarm system is also connected to it. Each room of the house is equipped with a screen for monitoring and operating the “smart home” system. The installation can be expanded and adapted to the owner's wishes.
Audio system: The audio system is from the Sonos brand. This controls the hidden speakers in the ceiling of the living room and the room en suite. The other rooms have a connection option to be able to place more speakers, according to the wishes of the owner of the house.
Alarm: On the advice of experts from the company Grupo de Protección y Seguridad 909, market leader on the island in the installation and management of security systems, a system has been installed that monitors the exterior of the residence with video cameras with a recording system. Presence detectors have been installed for indoor security. The whole system is directly connected to the GPS 909 control panel. In case of incidents of any kind, there are permanent guards all over the island.

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Villa Forada | Between San Antonio and San Geertrudis
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