Are you planning on buying or building a house in Ibiza for yourself? Or are you faced with a thorough renovation of a house you are about to purchase? Imagine you have someone beside you who not only knows the right parties, but knows the traps and pitfalls in the local market and takes care of the communication and coordination with everyone involved. Someone who ensures that you stay at the helm of the process without this costs you too much time and attention. Someone who you can trust 100 %. Someone who understands what you want from the initial idea and concept discussion right up to furnishing and enjoying your new or renovated home. Your turnkey project consultant.

A buying or building process abroad involves a lot of effort and poses a lot of questions. Like which organisations you will have to deal, which plot do you buy, which architect will you commission and which contractor suits your wishes best? Which choices should you make when it comes to construction systems, home automation, installations, furnishing bathrooms, home furnishings, the kitchen, swimming pool and garden? How can you get all involved professionals to cooperate efficiently and save you unnecessary costs? Through regular work visits to Ibiza and the proper due diligence, DJT has a lot of knowledge and a strong network comprising selected parties who offer quality services, varying from renowned lawyers to reliable carpenters. DJT brings these parties together for you to realize your dream house effortlessly. DJT Property Coach: One contact point from the beginning to the end. That gives peace of mind.


You deserve someone who has solid experience in guiding families through the buying-, building- or renovating process of luxury houses. Someone who offers a listening ear and works along with clients to realize their dreams. Someone who speaks the language of the technical experts involved and who commits himself that the different technical processes proceed as they should. This saves a lot of unnecessary costs and helps to ensure that you keep enjoying building or renovating your dream house on the island!

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